I love the awesome atmosphere of halloween and all these spooky things, creepy decorations and costumes ! Sadly in my country it's not celebrated almost at all ! Isn't it horrible? I am sad about it and hopefully it will change some day. Anyway, I was not going to spend this day in any special way, but on the last moment my friend who is living almost next to me invited me to come over and watch some movie. I found a reason to dress up ( I love it, really!). As I've already mentioned that I had nothing planned for that day, I hadn't prepared any special costume. I dressed up in the Punk Rave visual kei kimono inspired dress for the first time, I bought it around a month ago. We happened to wander around a houses and do the "trick or treat". I felt so silly (I still don't believe that but I am adult after all) at first but it was so funny, no regrets at all!
I hope you've spent it nicely and spooky !
 I'm sorry for the quality of my pictures, but as my current phone was being repaired, I had no choice but to use the old one ><'

 My Yoshikitty inspired card made for my boyfriend.