French style inspired OOTD

I really love French romantic and cute, vintage fashion^^ so...here's my outfit inspired by this style :3 (just realized that it looks a bit like Amo Angel inspired o: )


(my new tattoo tights <3)


New Haul

So, here's my really really quick post ^^ I was shopping with my mom today o;
Here are things that I've bought ^^ Most of them is in pastel goth style X)

(Skull shirt- 39 zł H&M (uh, I've bought this one around month ago, but forgot to show it on the blog </3, Skirt-79,99 zł H&M, Bag-119 zł Cropp Town , Headband- 14.99 zł New Yorker, Tank top - 39.99 zł H&M  (It's not really my style but I've thought about grunge outfit XP)

Ayu <3