outfits and other stuff...XP

I planned to make a few posts before but I didn't have so much time for this ;_; so here I just upload random outfit from last week and the week before( I've had my grey hair). I had no idea and just put something on. When I've had better outfits, I totally forgot to take picture >_> Sorry o;

 my eyes with lenses (Hiroaki Nagato photography XP)

Hmm I am planning to make DIY cat ears headband, with pearls. I will make it from stuff that I already have at home. Probably I will fuck it up..but whatever.... XP Maybe I will make a tutorial ^^ oh...and also, I will make a tutorial where I will show how to make a garter ( lol feel like Creepyyeha XD but she is so much better than me with my diy shit XP)...I promised it to my sis o; gomenasai onee-chan that I haven't made it yet >< but I will do it soon o;

Today two week of winter break started ^^ and guess what? I got sick XP but still I'm happy that I can relax a bit ^^(I have to write 4 page essay for history class though ><...)

Next post, I will add tutorial of neko ears headband ^^

Ayu <3

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  1. Ja byłam chora w ferie i wyzdrowiałam:P
    Obydwa stroje super:D

  2. Pierwszy set jest piękny!<33 Chudzinka,powiedz jak można Cię nie kochać ,nawet za samą figurę i wygląd??XD