DIY cat ears headband tutorial

It's my success(like almost never XP) that ...yesterday I mentioned about post with neko ears headband tuto, and here we go.. doneeee ^^

so....what you need is:
-some headband ( mine was old one I never wear)
-any metal wire or something that is easy to change its shape ( I used old metal simple bracelets)
-glue or/and neede with thread

 Form wire into triangular shape of cat ears and attach to headband, I used pincers to do it.
 Then, use a little bit of glue on headband and then use ribbon to wrap headband around quite tight.
 In the end, if you want to, you can add pearls.

 Doneee ^^
easy, right ? ^^ c:
How does it look on head ? XP

That's how I made it c:

Ayu <3

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  1. ślicznie kocie uszka! Jeszcze lepsze niż te w sklepach internetowych xD Na pewno skorzystam z Twojego pomysłu :)