DIY Accessories I've made ^^

Sometimes when I have some free time, or when just I want to have something and I don't want to spend money on this thing, I try to make it. It's awesome that you can make own accessories like you want to ^^ Materials costs though, but when you have some stuff, it's pretty easy and doesn't cost a lot.
I want to show accessories I've made ^^

 Here are all of those accessories, there are bow hair clips, 2 pink one, kinda 'Hime inspired', blue bow, and pastel goth inspired lavender and black ribbons with satanic crosses ( but I am not any satanist lol XP)
I have pink headband with studs and black and light pink roses, headband with purple and white roses. Here is also some diffirent kind of headband, it's from only small little light pink and little darker pink roses.
I've made 2 chokers, hime pink one, and second one looks...umm.. I've made on Christmas..so yeah.. I don't need to explain it XP
Bone hair clips <pastel goth inspired>.
White garter with studs and pink roses ( I will add green pieces of ribbon to make it look like with small leafs).
White roses ( I have no idea what can I use it to.)
Small black gothic lolita hat ( it's made from box and black farbic XP).
Collar and just next to is  frilly jabot with cameo ( I don't believe that I made this jabot because it's very first thing I sew on sewing machine o_O)
I have also some jewellery, it's gold colour collar clips, Hello Kitty necklace ( hello kitty was only small thing and I've change it into necklace), and ear piercing earring on chain and ear piercing earring with cross.
Here are also white cuffs on ankles with pink roses and studs, I plan to make some diffirent one from lace.
And here you can see panda hat, it was just simple white hat, and panda ears and eyes are parts that I made ^^

It's just my accessories I've made for myself, and I just want to share and show my work c: I hope you like it <3

Ayu <3

4 komentarze:

  1. Te rzeczy wyglądają jak od Creepyyeha :P
    A szczególnie ta podwiązka z różyczkami
    i ćwiekami!

    1. wiesz co? ona mnie bardzo inspiruje a, że nie mam kasy żeby coś sobie kupić od niej, to sama próbuję to zrobić ^^ robię dla siebie i nie sprzedaję, więc mam nadzieję, że nikt mnie nie pozwie XP

  2. They awesome~! <33 Creepyyeha have talent but Ayu have it too so i think she should do more things like that!And remember what u promised me ? Do tutuo!! XP